Emirates ID Typing

Emirates ID also called as UAE ID Card. It is a resident card of all Residents, GCC persons & UAE citizens. You have to keep it all the time with you. The ID card Consist of 15 digits with electronic chip inside it which hold your whole detailĀ  & information about the residency same like database, which includes personal photo, fingerprints, person gender, date of birth, nationality, sponsor detail.

Emirates ID card is required when you are living or working in UAE. It is a legal identity proof of yours, apart from other proofs.

Emirates ID card can be used for the several purposes like private and government transactions, to open bank account, paying internet and utility bills, paying fines, for school admission, to take SIM, to take home contract.

Emirates ID card can also be used at the smart gate in Dubai international airports to pass through E-Gate without long wait by scanning ID card and giving finger prints