Medical Typing

Any expatriate who will get work permit or Residence visa, must need medical fitness report. This service and procedure is compulsory to complete visa process. Either male or female who have new or renewal of visa have to undergo the process of medical test and have to give proof of fitness certificate.

For this purpose both Male and Female have to do medical test by visiting approved DHA Centers for visa process.

If someone is on visit visa or want to renew visit visa then medical fitness certificate would not be required.


The required documents by DHA upon processing your request:

        • Reference Number
        • Original passport or Clear passport copy or an identification card (mandatory)
        • Residence permit copy
        • Current active telephone number
        • Applicant’s presence
          Change Status paper in case of visa change
  • This form will not be cancelled after paying the service charges.
  • Kindly keep the request form and present it if required at any counter.
  • Kindly use a clear recent personal picture that does not exceed three months with a white background. Pictures generated from scanner will not be accepted.
  • In order to speed up the procedure of taking the male category x-rays, please wear cotton shirt without buttons or graphics.
  • The Medical Fitness certificate is valid for three (3) months from the date of issue.
  • If you do not receive your MF certificate within (5) working days, then please visit the medical fitness branch again.
  • HBV vaccination is compulsory for the following six categories and will be charged separately at the rate of AED 40: –
  1. Nannies.
  2. Housemaids or similar categories.
  3. Nursery and Kindergarten supervisors.
  4. Workers in hairdresser saloons, beauty centers and health clubs.
  5. Workers in food handling, processing and food control authorities.
  6. Workers in cafeterias and restaurants.
  • Please check that the E-mail address and mobile number you have provided is correct, in order to receive an SMS notification to complete residency procedures at General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai.